Your computer is running slow, or programs aren't working right, so you start looking into buying a new one. Then you realize the cost involved, not to mention you are already partial to your existing computer. We have recently talked about resetting your computer to factory settings, but did you know you can save money by having a repair technician do a complete restoration? And this can help your computer work like or better than new.

recovered laptop

Why Restore Your Computer?

The main reason, of course, is to save money. For most computers, a full restore can be about half the cost or less, of buying a new one. You'll also have an opportunity to do any upgrades that can increase your computer's performance. With technology today, restoring a computer with upgraded hardware can make your existing computer run as good as a brand new one. And the cost of replacement hardware isn't as high as you might think.

What Is Involved In A Full Restore?

A good computer repair technician has the tools necessary to extract and save all your images, documents, and other files. They can also assist with making sure your existing programs are re-installed and setup properly.

What you should be prepared for

Competent technicians can help educate you on the best hardware upgrades or replacement parts you may need. Now is an excellent time to upgrade your RAM and Hard Drive. Increasing the amount of RAM creates a significant increase in the performance of any computer. And replacing a mechanical hard drive with a Solid State Drive ensures your data is safe from mechanical failures.

The repair technician can save all your files, gather all the necessary installation media for your programs, as well as clean and repair any hardware issues on your computer. Things like replacing the thermal paste on your processor, cleaning out any dust, and testing & repairing loose or improperly working components should also happen.

The ideal restoration includes installing the operating system onto a clean, fresh drive without any unneeded programs and bloatware. A clean install helps make sure your operating system doesn't have any clutter or corruption. Your programs and personal files should be re-installed and restored, similar to the way you are used to working with while requiring minimal setting changes by you. And your pictures and other files should be right back where they were before.

There are a few requirements for you to help with the proper restoration of your computer. You'll have to provide account information for software programs like Office or QuickBooks. Or you may need to provide installation media for some of your software. You'll also have to reconnect to your internet and printer when you get the restored computer home.


Having a full restore done to your computer can certainly help things run better as well as save you some money. In turn, you'll get to keep the computer you already like and not have to learn how to use another one. You'll also be helping the environment by not throwing more trash in the earth somewhere. So, if you think you may need a new computer, consider finding a good computer repair shop to do a proper restoration to your existing one.