Quality support for many different devices!


  • Free estimates before work is started.
  • Most repairs can be done for $200 or less.
  • For reference, our standard hourly rate is $100/hr.
  • Jobs are quoted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Price doesn’t include parts.
  • No trip charge if we work on your devices.
  • See below for more details.

Screen Replacement

We are able to get many of the major screens, making for an easy replacement.

Other Hardware Replacement

We have access to the hardware needed to repair any failures you’re experiencing.

Hardware Upgrades

Upgrades are the easiest way to improve performance. Let us help make your system faster.

Custom build

We have the expertise and knowledge to help you pick and build your own custom computer, or we can do all the work for you.

Factory Reset

We can restore your device to a like new state so it runs faster than it did when you bought it. All while saving your important information.


Have a question about your device? We can provide the solutions you need.


Remote Repairs

Todays technology allows for us to remotely access your computer while leaving you in complete control of your security. Give us a call today for quick and easy remote computer repairs.

On-Site Repairs

Do you need help at your home or office? We offer comparable rates and a fast response time.

$25 - $50 depending on your location.

Gaming Systems

We can handle most issues that arise with todays gaming systems.

Smart Devices and Other Electronics

We have the knowledge and experience to work with many of todays electronic devices that are used in your home or small business.

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