More people shop online during the holidays, but this also brings risks of cyber problems. From Holiday Shopping to Year Round Shopping, bad people use fake websites, unsafe transactions, and attacks on computers to trick shoppers.

Just like how you keep your stuff safe while shopping in real stores, it’s crucial to keep your online shopping safe too.

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Tips on How to Stay Safe Shopping Online This Holiday Season

Getting good deals online during the holidays is great, but there are dangers too. Following these ten steps can help keep you safe:

1. Stick to Shops You Know: Use websites you trust. Don’t fall for amazing deals on websites you’ve never heard of. Type the website addresses yourself to be safe.

2. Watch Out for Holiday Tricks: Be careful of fake emails about packages, strange e-cards, or fake charity requests. Check before you trust them to avoid getting scammed.

3. Check New Websites Carefully: Before buying from a new website, read what other people say about it. Make sure they have a real address and phone number.

4. Be Cautious with Links and Files: Even if an email looks real, the links or files in it might be bad. Don’t click on them if you’re not sure.

5. Keep Devices and Security Updated: Make sure your phone or computer has the newest updates and good security software. This helps keep bad things away.

6. Make Strong Passwords: Use strong, different passwords for different sites. Never tell anyone your passwords. Use extra security like codes sent to your phone if you can.

7. Look for Secure Websites: Before paying for something online, check the website address starts with ‘https://’ to make sure it’s safe for your payment info.

8. Enable Account Notifications: Turn on alerts or notifications for your online shopping accounts. This way, you’ll get notified about any unusual activity, like logins from new devices or purchases you didn’t make.

9. Use a Secure Wi-Fi Network: When making online purchases, avoid using public Wi-Fi networks. Stick to secure, private networks to reduce the chances of hackers accessing your information.

10. Regularly Check Your Statements: Keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements regularly, especially after making online purchases. Report any unfamiliar or suspicious transactions immediately to your bank or card issuer.

Following these tips not only keeps you safe but also makes your holiday online shopping better.


When you’re shopping online for the holidays, keeping safe is really important. There are tricks and scams out there, but using simple steps can help protect you.

Choosing trustworthy websites, staying cautious about holiday scams, and doing some checking before buying can keep you safe. Being careful with links and files, updating your devices, and using strong passwords make your online shopping safer. Checking for a secure website before sharing your payment details is a smart move.

By following these simple steps, holiday shoppers can enjoy their online shopping without worrying about cyber problems. These steps don’t just protect your money; they also give you peace of mind to enjoy the holiday season without stress.