The Operating System (OS) is a crucial part of your Personal Computer. We can liken it to the foundation of a house, which supports all other software and operations. Your PC's OS is what accommodates all programs and software you install on your computer.

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Despite being so crucial to the smooth running of the computer, users pay little or no attention to their operating systems. And this can cause varying degrees of harm to the computer in terms of security vulnerabilities, poor performance, and inadequate support.

Read on to learn why you should not use an outdated or unsupported OS on your PC.

Using An Outdated And Unsupported OS Will Harm Your PC

We currently live in a world of fast-paced technology. There are more innovations and evolutions by the day, and the software industry is not left behind. The giant software companies - Apple, Microsoft, Google - are all committed to providing their customers with a better experience. Software companies offer regular updates to improve existing software and periodic upgrades to get users onto a newer and better version of the same software.

But this quest for improvement comes at a cost - the lifespan of an operating system is now shorter. You may not be able to get several years of performance because newer versions from the software company are often better, safer, and more advanced.

Let's take the Windows Software from Microsoft as an example

In 1987, Microsoft released their Windows 2.0 software, an upgrade to the Windows 1.0 released in 1985. Fast forward to 2021; the software company has released more than ten newer and upgraded versions of Microsoft Windows. But the most exciting part is the sequence of the release.

When Microsoft releases a newer version of the Windows operating system, they tend to withdraw support for the previous version after a while, usually a few years later. For instance, the company released Windows 8 in October 2012 as an upgrade to Windows 7, released in October 2009. In January 2020, Microsoft officially announced an end of support for Windows 7.

What is the implication of this? It means anyone still using Windows 7 on their PC may become more vulnerable to security risks and other performance-related issues because Microsoft will not provide updates or improvements to that Windows version.

This same trend happens with other software providers like Apple (macOS) and Google (Chrome).

What are the implications of using an outdated or unsupported OS

If for any reason, you are still using an outdated or unsupported OS on your PC, then you should be aware of the implications that come with such a decision.

No security updates to fix security holes and other issues

One major disadvantage of the continuous innovation in the tech space is the increase in the number of digital threats targeted at users through their devices. Software companies have realized this threat, which is why they consistently push updates and security patches to their OS to block any loopholes.

When a company withdraws support for a version of their OS, such an OS stops getting updates, exposing the software to numerous risks and threats. Systems that do not get regular security patches are more vulnerable. They can be easily breached by ransomware or malware, causing you to lose your valuable data and, sometimes, your PC.

Operating system updates may also help fix bugs slowing down your software or causing varying degrees of inconveniences you may not be aware of or those you are aware of but unable to resolve.

Incompatibility with third-party software or programs

Third-party software providers work hard to maintain an excellent vendor-management strategy by releasing software that works best with the latest and best versions of operating systems. If your PC's OS is outdated or unsupported due to the absence of regular updates, you could lose the ability to run third-party software properly.

So, if you are wondering why a particular program is not working correctly or not working at all on your PC, you might be using an outdated OS.

You may lose data

Using unsupported or outdated operating systems on your computers leaves holes in your security. If you have essential personal or customer data on your computer, such data is at a more significant risk of being lost or stolen. Businesses that handle sensitive information or personal data cannot afford a breach. It can be extremely costly with severe reputation damage.

Aside from the high possibility of a malicious data breach, you may lose your data altogether. Unsupported software could stop functioning on its own without any prior notice. If and when this happens, it may be very difficult or impossible to recover your data.

You miss new functionalities

A new operating system usually includes a range of new functionality you do not have on the previous operating system. These features and functionalities are often well-thought-out by the developers and may help to improve productivity, performance, or effectiveness.

Sticking to your outdated or unsupported operating system deprives you of such benefits and consequently limiting your productivity or the performance of your PC.

Not having the latest security updates to fill holes or missing out on a few new features that can improve performance is an indication that your outdated or unsupported OS is a weak link. This weak link may have severe effects on your business or personal data and user experience. You can avoid this by updating your OS when the provider pushes the update or upgrade when there is a newer version.

Let us help you stay updated

Understandably, keeping up with the constant updates from your OS provider can be uninteresting. However, installing these updates is essential. You can do this yourself or consult an expert computer technician to help.

At A Better Tech, we can help you keep your OS updated or help you upgrade to the newest version of your OS without losing your data, settings, or program. We can also help you with other OS-related issues to keep your personal computer in the best shape.

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