An average laptop owner expects their charger to serve them for a very long time. However, the most they get out of these laptop essentials is just a few years. Over time, the laptop charger is at risk of getting stolen or damaged. Either way, a replacement charger is imminent.

Now that you are ready to change your laptop power charger, the next port of call is always the office supply store or the computer/electronics shop near you. Another option is to make the purchase online. Whichever purchase option you decide to go for, the most important thing is knowing how to buy the right one.

laptop power chargers

Below are some useful tips to get you through that stage

Cheap units are red flags

Once you pay an unreasonably low price for a laptop power charger unit, you can expect them to pack up in a short time. These cheap models tend to develop issues after a short period of usage. In severe cases, a cheap laptop power charger may damage your computer.

Avoid universal power chargers

As tempting as this piece of tech may be, the chances are that a universal power charger underperforms an OEM charger. These chargers serve several laptop models. Hence, the components are hardly suited for some laptops. Unlike branded laptop chargers, universal models come with issues related to voltage, fit, and power tips, among others.

Solar chargers are a no-go area

There is no doubt about the efficiency and eco-friendly nature of solar chargers, but they do not equal OEM models for performance. They do offer safety in most machines. However, there is no guarantee whatsoever about their compatibility with all models.

Another brand's charger is dangerous

Perhaps, it is becoming too difficult to find your brand's laptop charger? Do not settle for a charger from another brand. Problems may arise over time; if they are even compatible with your laptop in the first place.

Buy Recommended Chargers only

Before you set out to buy a laptop charger, find out the details and power specifications of your laptop. Where do you find this? Check the bottom of your laptop, the charger case, or the manufacturer's website. Your laptop's recommended charger has specifications corresponding to that of your laptop.

OEM Units are a better option

Experts have suggested the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) unit designed to work with your laptop model as a viable option. You may not readily find them in shops close to you, but they are available online at competitive prices.

A Generic Charger also gets the job done

Generic chargers are known to be cheaper, but there are issues of insufficient power. To be on the safe side, always go for a unit that is safe and capable of meeting the power requirement of your laptop - another reason to know the power requirements of your charger before launching a purchase mission.


There are no universal rules when it comes to buying gadgets like laptop power chargers. However, applying the dos and don'ts offered in this article ensure that you do not end up with the wrong laptop charger.

If you need some help finding the right power charger for your laptop, feel free to reach out to A Better Tech for some professional guidance.