Do you need a custom built desktop computer?

If you're shopping for a custom desktop computer, you've come to the right place. From low cost home PC's to custom built high end desktops, we can help you pick the best computer hardware to fit your needs & in your budget. You decide which parts you would like installed in your custom PC. We'll build it, install all the software and optimize it for your use. We can even set it up at your home or office if you need help.

Custom Desktop

Are you looking for a laptop computer?

If you're looking to replace an old laptop or just need one to get started with, we have access to refurbished business grade laptops at a fair price, with a warranty! We can have your laptop delivered tomorrow and set up and ready to go the following day.


Renew your old PC

You don't necessarily have to buy a new, or even refurbished, computer. Here at A Better Tech, we can completely renew your computer to run like it did the day you bought it, or even better. And we'll even be able to save your personal files and re-install the programs you use.


Get cash for a PC you don't use anymore!

Go green and make some cash in the process. Don't just throw your old computer away. Recoup some of your expenses by having A Better Tech completely rework the whole system & selling it for you on consignment.  We can completely remove any trace of your old files, Test and restore all of the hardware & attempt to resale your PC for a nominal fee.

NOTE: Not all computers can be resold. Age, quality & expenses determine the profit made from a resale.

*Contact us if you need help getting rid of your old desktop or laptop.*