Get your computer running better without having everything wiped out.

If you're not able to have your operating system re-installed because you have a specialty program that can't be recovered, or any other reason that applies to your situation, then this option may work for you. There are a few things you should understand about this option before you make your decision, though.

Over time, your Operating System can get cluttered with unecessary files. Failures and Errors during daily operation can damage files necessary to keep things running smoothly. Installing and removing programs & files can clutter up the hard drive which causes things to slow down. Along with many other possible problems from daily operation or possible infections.

This process is usually a good method for getting rid of problems on your computer and helping it run better than it was. But, there is an inherent problem with this process as well. Unlike doing a complete renewal of your computer, it is possible for things to get left behind after this cleanup. Sometimes, not all problems can be removed from your computer without actually starting fresh by re-installing your operating system. Some problems can get so embedded that it's not possible to remove them without completely wiping out the hard drive on your computer.

During this process, A Better Tech will remove any programs that may be Malware or Spyware. We'll clean up and remove old temporary files that are no longer needed. We'll run Virus and Malware scans, using a scanner independent of your Operating System, to insure there's no residual problems on your computer. And, we'll analyze and cleanup the registry file to make sure everything is in proper working order.

You may be asking why this service is the same price as the Computer Renewal Service? This service does require more work and time to complete properly. It is a more difficult service to complete, so to compensate for our time we have to charge a fair rate for this service.

If you allow A Better Tech to Renew Your Computer, everything will run like new and all problems will be completely removed.

You should also know that this service can't be guaranteed to fix all problems or remove all potentialy harmful issues, although we will do our best to resolve anything that may be a problem for you.

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