Computer Repair Services

A Better Tech, LLC's computer repair service technician provides many computer repair services in and around Conroe, Magnolia, Willis & The Woodlands, Texas.

  • Hardware Repair
  • Computer Tune Up
  • Virus Removal
  • File Recovery
  • Remote Repair
  • Software & Hardware Upgrades
  • Cracked Laptop Screens
  • Software Installation
  • Custom Build & Setup
  • Internet Security Setup
  • Apple Mac Repairs
  • On-site Repairs

Computer Repair Prices

Computer Repair Description Price
Analysis No cost, in store, computer analysis and estimate FREE
Renew computer Get your computer running like new $99
Fresh OS Load Clean install of computer operating system $80
Backup Files Recovery of Images, Documents, Music & other files $65
Hardware Repairs Hourly labor rate + cost of parts $65/hr
Software Services Recovery of 3rd party software programs $65/hr
Remote Repairs Remote access with Teamviewer $65/hr
On-site Services Computer repair services at customers site $80/hr
Computer Build Get a new computer built to your specs CALL
Discounts, After Hours & Rush pricing available. Call 832-510-7222 with questions.

Computer Maintanence Tips

Your e-mail is not as safe as you think
Don’t trust everything in your email. Be careful about clicking on web links and opening files or images within your email. Even if it’s from a trusted contact, make sure it seems like a valid email from that person. If you’re not sure, either contact that person separately or delete the email.
If they called you, it's probably a scam
No one from Microsoft, or any other technology company, will call you and know that you have viruses on your computer. This is not possible so do not allow anyone to have remote access to your computer unless you’re 110% sure they are an actual tech that is trying to help you out. And if they called you, they're probably not.
Drivers for your computer
If you need a driver, or a driver update, do not use third party programs for finding and installing drivers on your computer. Those usually always come with malware or viruses embedded in them. To get the drivers you need, use Microsoft updates or the computer manufacturer’s website. If you’re not able to find the drivers in those locations, be very selective about where you download drivers from.
Free isn't free... EVER
Downloading programs to get "free" music or movies will always cost you. Maybe not now, but eventually. The same goes for "free" performance or cleanup programs. Mind you, the virus/malware programs we install on your computer are free to use, but A Better Tech spends a lot of time researching and keeping up with what is good for your computer. When one of those "free" programs becomes a problem on your computer, you’ll have to pay a good computer shop technician, like A Better Tech, to fix it.
You may not need a new computer

When a computer gets a virus or malware, it seems like your hardware may be failing. This isn't necessarily the case and doesn't mean that you need a new computer. There are times that parts can fail and a computer needs to have hardware repaired or replaced, but this doesn't always require buying a new computer.

A Better Tech can do extensive testing on your computer to insure that your hardware is working well and your computer just needs to be cleaned up or have the operating system re-installed. Give us a call to find out what options are available to you.

Back Up Your Stuff!!!
Now days, photos are taken AND saved digitally. Whether you believe it or not, those digital copies can get damaged and are irreplaceable. A Better Tech suggests that you keep at least one copy of all your important files on an external backup hard drive. Even better, would be to have two copies on two separate external hard drives, and keep one of those hard drives at a location outside of your house in case something happens there.
Don't add more "Performance" or "Security" programs
If you like Norton, McAffe or any other antivirus program better than what we recommend, feel free to use them. A Better Tech can even load them for you. But if you’re not sure about a program or ad, please be careful about adding stuff to your laptop or desktop computer. A lot of viruses come from the ads you see that say you need their protection. They look official, but that’s how they trick you into downloading them. This is also a ploy to get credit card and other personal information, which can lead to identity theft.

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Remote Computer Service

From your desktop, laptop or Apple Mac computer, click on the appropriate button below to get remote computer services from A Better Tech, LLC.

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- This loads a program that allows us remote access to your computer. It only works when you run it and, no one can access your computer unless you allow them too.